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Here at Creative Managed Care Solutions, we take pride in assisting all types of healthcare organizations with their payer contract negotiations. Call us to schedule a customized consultation today to discuss the challenges you are facing. Together, we'll develop a solution designed to increase your revenue and achieve your goals.

Our managed care consultants have the experience necessary to identify the most effective ways to streamline your agreements and maximize overall revenue. It’s important to keep in mind that payer contracts by default are designed to generate profit for the payer, not to benefit healthcare organizations or the patients. That’s why we help hospital negotiate these agreements to ensure they are both efficient and fair.

Your Consultation with Us

During your initial consultation with us, we review your current concerns regarding your payer contracts, as well as your organizational goals. Depending on your needs, we could even create a sample strategic plan of a hospital’s contract negotiations. Reach out today to request a discussion with our senior level executives and the rest of our skilled staff.

Contact us to learn more about our payer contract solutions and our team. We’re proud to serve healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

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